Weitere Themen


The Ansbach Residence has a court garden and an orangery but they have always been separated from the palace due to the existence of other buildings.  Built between 1726 and 1728 by Carl Friedrich von Zocha, the orangery is based on French models with a protruding parterre and two laterally arranged Linden halls.  The south side is based on the Grand Trianon in Versailles whilst the north side reminds us of the Colonnade in the Louvre.

Running parallel to the façade is the main axis of the garden with two double rows of high linden hedges.  Today the orangery houses conference rooms and concert halls.

In spring and summer, flowers are planted and arranged based on designs found in Baroque pattern books.  In the summer the orangery presents an assortment of lemon, sour orange, olive, pistachio, laurel and strawberry plants.


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