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Heilsbronn Cathedral

Heilsbronn Cathedral (Münster Heilsbronn) was founded in 1132 as a Cistercian monastery and from 1297 until 1625 it was the hereditary burial place of the Hohenzollern family.  A visit to the almost 900 year old cathedral with its rich late- medieval art works provides a taste of the spirituality of the Cistercians when their abbey played an important role in the history of the Cathedral for over 400 years.  Furthermore something of the Hohenzollern family is conveyed who were buried here for 328 years. The first three prince-electors from Brandenburg are amongst those who were entombed here.

The eponymous spring (“Heils-Brunnen”) has its source under the Cathedral and flows outside through a covered baptismal font.  This is the origin of the Schwabach river.


Münster Heilsbronn
91560 Heilsbronn